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My journey as a new developer part 1

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Hello, I am Mohamed Abbassi a junior and fresh software developer from Tunisia. Because it's my first time blogging about my journey in that wide developer world, I will describe the problems that I faced until now from my graduating year until now.

1. Finding a good opportunity in a start-up company In 2020, the famous year as knowing as Covid-19 year, I started my first software developer job at DevAppLand which is a start-Up providing mobile apps solutions to many clients, I was developing Flutter apps and using NodeJs for building back-end services to consume it on the app. It was a good experience to start with, I had many struggles because I found myself in a pressure work environment with a short developing time for the solutions that we made. But the deadline constraints made me work fast and learn new things faster and tried to keep on track with other juniors and seniors on the team. Meanwhile, I gained a lot of experience in how to manage and build a mobile app and build web services, and Handle git branches, and GitLab repos. Months later I left DevAppLand and joined another company it's the main service is selling products using direct phone calls, but it has its own developing digital solutions. There, I had some shaping skills in working models and dealing with different architects and design patterns logic, but the journey was not completed well because I found some struggles in communication with team lead and work-mates so left for good. In July 2021, I received a job offer as a flutter developer from new startUp company building services mobile app, So I accepted the offer and started on the 1st of august.

2. Technologies that helped me to land my first job offer So choosing the right programming language to lay down my first job was not easy at all, because I was having academic knowledge in many of them start of C, PHP, Javascript, and Java also which path I need to choose also between web, desktop, or mobile and don't forget the shell script and DevOps things so I was lost between many things. So finally I selected mobile app development as the first choice over web development.

This is my first part I will see you soon.

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