Crafting your IT skills in 5 important steps

Crafting your IT skills in 5 important steps

Skills that help the new developers to be better (By my experience)

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Many fresh developers self-taught and new graduates stick to basics and struggle to land their first software developer jobs or get bad reviews in their code and have a lot of bugs and errors in their jobs. Besides my experience and many of my friends, we conclude that you need five necessary points or steps to pass to be skilled or experienced in your field.

1. Think logically while learning Algorithms and data structures.

We all agree on this point that your path is going Front-end dev, back-end, mobile developer or Architecture, you must think logically about specific events or actions that can help to make your code better and solve the issues that face you in a better way.
Logics are the principles of a software developer applying on its multi-algorithms cores and principles to fetch the needed results that you were seeking. But the most important is being able to resolve the encountered problem that had been faced since the beginning. Take a piece of paper and a pen, then write down the problem or draw it and try to explain it to yourself or to your teammate. it helps to find the solutions more easily than you expected.
There are many websites that can help you to enhance your abilities in data structures and algorithms, and also enhance your logical thinking. I will provide it in future posts on my LinkedIn account.! algorithms

2. Get deeper into a single domain/Tech or programming language.

Many freshers get lost in what they learn or knew about programming languages, and try to learn many languages at once, and that causes a loss in time and skills. Try to stick to one language until you reach at least 70% of mastering it then move to something similar or work with it at the same scope, Like learning a language for the back-end development and then passing to a front-end language. Nowadays, learning javascript from scratch until advanced will be enough for web and mobile development at a certain point but it depends on many future factors and needs of the markets. So, sticking with a single tech and mastering it will be a door opening for landing the first job and don't switch fast. Working more in the language specifics cases sharpens your skills better then hanging between other programming languages. deeper

3. Don't get pessimistic about errors and bugs.

In your journey, you will face many errors and bugs, many of which are syntax errors, logical errors, exception errors, compilations errors, and executions errors and the list goes far. Many of them make you frustrated possibly crying in some cases, and you can't sleep for whole weeks, in that time you start to rethink your job choices and the path you select for yourself, but besides all of that these errors and bugs come along your path because you are always in a learning way, no one has the full-knowledge, especially in the first years of his/her career. For that always learn from your mistakes and errors for solving them the next time.


4. Always share and don't be shy to ask.

Sharing your code or sharing the problem that faced you have and asking experts or people that work in certain languages or domains can help you so much, many fresh either being shy and afraid to ask because there are always some buyers who will be mocking them or they feel that their problems are very stupid to ask for, and for that, you shouldn't afraid from asking help from mid-senior or seniors, also you can share your problems on many platforms and websites like StackOverFlow or reddit dev communities. Also, you can share your questions or probs on Facebook or Twitter there are many people who will help.


5. Learn to Google it and read others' code.

Well here is the final part and the funny one too, because whenever you ask for a specific problem you get the famous response, google it !!!! but the prob if I found the prob I will never ask you for it. So after all you need to know how to search in the Google search engine because the type of your question is differ between finding the indexed search or giving you another response or a similar one but it doesn't serve you well. there is another search engine for a developer you can use, it gives better results, and it calls You. Meanwhile, you also should try to read others' code and try to understand it, and it enhances your abilities to solve problems, write better code and respect the SOLID, DRY, and Clean Architectures principles.


In a conclusion, I use those methods and they help me so much. See you in future articles.